My 30th Birthday Dinner


    *Cues Ratchet Happy Birthday by Drake*

    Last month I turned 30. In true Virgo fashion I had been planning my 30th birthday since I was 28. (No, that isn’t a joke I’ve literally been planning for years). My 30th birthday was going to be an EVENT. I planned to do a big group trip with all my girlfriends and their significant others. I picked the city we would go to, the hotel we would stay in, the restaurants we would dine in, the decorations I was going to purchase and I was on the hunt for a bomb ass dress when the coronavirus made her grand debut.

    Needless to say because of the pandemic, my birthday trip was no longer an option. At the beginning of September I quickly came up with a new plan. Instead of my big birthday bash, I planned an intimate 30th birthday dinner in my home. I hired a local chef, invited my 2 best friends, and the decorations were all done by yours truly. It wasn’t the big bash I originally planned. Just a lowkey night with amazing food, good friends, and lots of laughs.


    Cake Stand: West Elm (Archway Glass Cake Stand) | Cake Topper: LancasterLaserCo | Roses: FiftyFlowers (Amelia Roses) | Runner: Fabric and Foam Co. | Candles: Richland Candle Co. | Vases: Floral Supply Online


    My 30th birthday dinner was a bright spot in what has been an odd year. When the pandemic arrived all the plans I had for 2020 went out the window and I’m not going to lie, I found it a little hard to regroup. I feel like from February to September I did nothing but watch real housewife reruns and drink LOTS of white wine. But 2020 isn’t over! And this is a reminder to me and you (ok, mostly me) no matter how this year is going you can still finish strong. Just like I was able to salvage my 30th birthday we can salvage the rest of 2020! So dig out your 2020 resolutions and intentions and knock them out.  

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