50 Graduation Dresses for Under $50

    Graduation season is right around the corner and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect graduation dress for my law school graduation. I’m looking for two different graduation dresses. One dress for my graduation pictures. The other dress I’ll be wearing at my graduation ceremony.

    Although this graduation will be my third graduation, I’m more excited for this one than the last two. My undergraduate graduation wasn’t exciting because I knew I would be returning to school for my M.A. in the fall. I didn’t even attend the graduation ceremony for my M.A. because I was “too busy” writing my thesis (my parents will never forgive me for that one lol). But my J.D. graduation ceremony is something excited about! I’m so happy I finally accomplished my dream of attending law school. And I have no intention to go back to school so this is really the last hurrah!

    Fashion isn’t really my forte but I’ve looked enough dresses that I felt like I could provide a good round up. I wanted to find 50 Graduation Dresses that were under $50 because most students are cost conscious. I also included 5 Graduation Dresses that were over $50 but just might be worth the splurge. All the pictures I shared should take you directly to the site where these dresses can be purchased. And make sure you read to the end to find out how you can get some of these gorgeous graduation dresses for only $20!!


    Lavender is “the” color for spring 2018. I tried to find five lavender dresses, but I stumbled upon a few plum dresses that were too pretty to pass up. The plum bodycon dress from Lulu’s is so figure flattering and comes in 5 colors!

    When I think of graduation dresses I think of the color white. White is bright, fresh and looks good on almost everyone. I’m especially loving the backless midi dress from Lulu’s. I think the dress has a sophisticated sophisticated silhouette and the low back adds a touch of sexy.

    Black is my favorite color but more and more I see myself drawn to dark blue. Dark blue is so sharp and can invoke the same class that black does. I have the blue bell sleeved dress from Lulu’s in white and I got so many compliments when I wore it.

    Sweet sorbert colors are on trend for spring 2018. I had such a hard time picking only 5 dresses for this category because there are so many cute dresses in this color pallet. I really love the bright ruby dress from Rent the Runway, it’s such a rich color that I don’t often see.

    Although black is not a spring color, black is classic. I looked for black dresses that were a little bit edgy. Several dresses I found incorporate the asymmetrical elements that will be big in spring 2018. I’m obsessed with the black and white dress from Rent the Runway, the one shoulder looks so modern and chic.

    These last five dresses are over $50 but just might be worth the splurge. The magenta ruffled sleeved dress from mod&soul is just a dream. I’m also really really loving the black and white dress from Rent the Runway. Black and white color block is so classic and the bow on the back is such a cute detail.

    If you thought this post was helpful, please pin it using the image below! And let me know what you think about the graduation dresses I picked! Would you pick any of these dresses for your graduation? Did you think any of my last 5 were worth the splurge? Let me know below.

    Discount Codes: If your interested in that gorgeous magenta mod&sole dress with the ruffled sleeves or any other mod&soul dress you can get 15% off with the code CHRISTINE15 until April 30th. And if you like any of the Rent the Runway dresses I shared you can use my link to Rent the Runway here to get $30 off your first order (yes, that means your $50 dress will be only $20!)

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