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March 2017

    how to create a vision board

    How to Create a Vision Board: I think the former scrapbook fanatic in me loves any opportunity to craft. On a deeper level I love the idea of taking the time to truly reflect on my dreams and desires and the opportunity to manifest my future.

    Before I restarted my blog one of my most popular posts was the one on vision boards. Today, I decided to do an updated post on why and how to create a vision board.

    I love, love, love a good vision board.

    I created my first vision board during undergrad after learning about the law of attraction and watching The Secret documentary. Since my first vision board I’ve made one at the beginning of any big venture. I created a vision board when I graduated from undergrad, when I started my first job, and I made one when I started law school. Below is the vision board I made when I graduated from undergrad, I currently attend one of the law schools I put on my board! (proof that thoughts really do become things!)

    vision board


    To create a vision board you’ll need: scissors, crafting supplies, and magazines. I like to go to my local craft store (coupons in hand!) and purchase card stock (I get a large piece to serve as the base of my vision board), stickers, letters, and some type of adhesive. Magazines can be purchase from any convince store or grocery store. But, for my vision board I took some old magazines from my parents house (#ImOnALawStudentBudget).

    Vision Board Supplies

    how to

    Once I’ve gathered all my supplies, I find a quiet space and flip through the magazines to find things that inspire me. I cut out pictures, quotes, article titles, and sometimes sections of articles themselves. When I made my current vision board I thought about the next three years of my life; places I want to go, milestones I hope to accomplish, and the type of life I want to lead. All the images I selected corresponded to what I hope the next three years of my life look like in some way.

    Finally, I arrange all my clippings on the card stock (my Type A personality peaking through) before gluing them on.

    diy vision board

    My vision board is currently hanging above my desk, where I spend most of my time. Seeing it every day allows me to reflect on it everyday. Since making my vision board I’ve traveled to a few new cities (I even did an international trip, it was amazing, maybe I’ll blog about it later) and I got engaged! I’m still working on that GWagen though! If you found this post helpful, please pin it using the image below!