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July 2017

    Wedding Dress Shopping with My Fiance


    This weekend I went wedding dress shopping with my fiance. I know. I know. Your fiance is not supposed to see you in a wedding dress until your wedding day. But for me, wedding dress shopping with my fiance made sense. Every girl says it but my fiance is my best friend. More importantly he’s my partner in life. I can’t think of a single big decision I’ve made in the last few years without his advice. Full disclosure, I don’t always take his advice, but I definitely always ask for it. So I think it makes sense that I wanted his advice on the most important (and probably the most expensive) dress that I’ll ever wear.

    Let me back track for a second.  

    You have to really think about who you take wedding dress shopping. We’ve all seen those episodes of Say Yes to the Dress where the bride brings a salty bridesmaid or jealous sister.  You have to take people who will be supportive, excited, and not overly critical. I had a hard time deciding who to take. It didn’t help that I’m far away from home and getting all my favorite ladies in one place at one time would be difficult. I thought about going alone.

     I was prepared to go shopping by myself but, I wanted my fiances opinion on the perfect dress for me.I showed my fiance a few pictures here and there, made him suffer through a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, and was floored when he concluded that I would look best in a ballgown. A ballgown. 5 foot me…in a ballgown. That was the moment that I realized I wanted him to see me in a wedding dress before the big day. It took a lot of convincing. My fiance had no interest in going to look at wedding dresses. But when I explained to my fiance that  that I wanted and trusted his opinion he agreed.


    The actual appointment went really well. I tried on a few different styles and was able to narrow down what what looks best on me (definitely not a ballgown fyi, I want to look like a grown sexy woman on my wedding day, not a contestant on toddlers in tiaras).

    When I stepped out of the dressing room and got a “woooooooow” I knew I made the right decision. Not on the dress. On taking my fiance wedding dress shopping.  I’ll  never forget the look on his face. And I can’t wait to see that look again on our wedding day.  

    At the end of the day, I’m not sure I found thee dress. I know I’ll go wedding dress shopping again. I know make the ultimate decision without him (I do want to maintain some element of surprise!). But I’m glad I took my fiance wedding dress shopping. I have a better idea of what I think I want and we’re in agreement on what looks best on me (grown and sexy bride for the win!). 


    Wedding dress shopping with my fiance was a great decision but I understand that it might not be for everyone. But for those of you on the fence I highly recommend it.

    Would you take your fiance dress shopping? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below! And if you found this post helpful please pin it using the image below!