5 Tips For Picture Perfect Engagement Pictures 




Last month my fiancé and I finally got around to talking our engagement pictures and I’ve been so excited to share them with you all!

The day we took engagement pictures was crazy, I scheduled our pictures in the summer, way before I had finalized my fall semester schedule. A few weeks before our shoot I realized I class right before our pictures, leaving me without much time to get ready. I hate rushing so I decided to skip the class (don’t judge me, we’ve skipped a class or two lol). However, a week before our shoot I found out I had to give a speech in that class, so skipping was no longer an option.

The day of our engagement shoot I ran to my makeup appointment, ran to class, gave my speech, and ran home to change and do my hair. And when I say I ran, I RAN. Your girl was making 25 minute drives in 15 minutes or less lol. Although my day was way more stressful  than it should have been our pictures were perfect! I definitely had a vision while planning my picture and I’m so glad they tuned out exactly how I envisioned.

Below are my tips for taking picture perfect engagement pictures!

5. Location, Location, Location. For my engagement pictures I wanted elegant black tie vibe that would similar to our wedding theme. One of the buildings downtown in my city ended up being the perfect spot. Do your research, on wedding websites, Pinterest, and even Facebook to find the perfect location for your engagement pictures.


4. Your Photographer is Key. Although you and your fiancé are the stars of the shoot the photographer is an necessary third party to the execution of a successful engagement shoot. While I don’t think you should have to break the bank for nice engagement pictures and the old adage, you get what you pay for is true. TheKnot has a great resource for searching for wedding photographers and even allows you to tailor your search to a specific price range.

3. Meet Your Photographer Before the Big Day. After looking for photographers I really recommend meeting with at least 3 before committing.  One of the things that really bugged me when I first began looking for a photographer was that all of them wanted to meet with me in person before giving me a quote. With work, school and wedding planning didn’t think I had time for all that.  But meeting a photographer in person gives you the opportunity to see if you’ll work well with them.   Your photographer is essentially a third party in your engagement pictures and it’s important to pick someone you you feel comfortable with. You’ll want someone who’s professional, understands your vision, and will give you good direction. My photographer was amazing and had just as much fun as we did on our shoot.

2. Be Yourself! My fiancé decided to take pictures in formal wear in a formal setting because that’s us. We’re sophisticated people (at least I like to think so lol) and our personalities called for sophisticated engagement pictures. It really wouldn’t have sense for us to take pictures in jeans in a field, BUT if you’re a jeans in the field type of person go for it! Don’t force a photo theme or look that isn’t reflective of you and your fiancé. You’ll have these pictures forever and you’ll want them to represent your personalities.

1. Have Fun. Taking engagement photos has been the most fun part of my crazy wedding planning journey. I loved planning our outfits, picking a location, getting my hair and makeup done, and seeing my vision come to life. Take a deep breath, loosen up, and trust that your photographer will make you look amazing.


For those of you who have done engagement photos or any other type of styled shoots, what do you think is most important for having great photos? Let me know below!



Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit Review

Lately I’ve been loving all things rose gold. I know, I’m a little late to the trend but, better late than never, right? The other night my fiancé and I were on a late night target run and I came across the new Sally Hansen Salon Chrome kits and purchased one to try.

As an aside does anyone else feel like target is a Bermuda triangle where time and money have no meaning?? I don’t know remember we went in for, but rose gold chrome nail polish certainly was not on the list.

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit Tools

The directions for the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome kit was easy enough. I applied a base color (Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, which I’m currently loving), one coat of the nude (the instructions say to apply two but I chose to apply one because I already had a base). Next I applied the rose gold glitter using the applicator that came with the kit.  I topped it all off with their special effects polish and finished up with a top coat.

I was a little annoyed when realize I needed a Sally Hansen color, Cheap Frills, to complete the look. Since I was already home, I decided to use a similar Revlon ColorStay color, Perfect Pair, that I had. The look didn’t really come out like I hoped. While I got a very pretty iridescent color, it wasn’t the rose gold chrome color I hoped. I will note that my nails held up for three days without chipping which is pretty good.

Sally Hansen Revlon Rose Gold Chrome

Later in the week I went back to the store in search of Cheap Frills, and tried the look again. I ended up with a pink glittery color, which was pretty, but not at all what was depicted on the box. Based on the price (around $15 for the kit itself) and the final color payoff, I think a glittery rose gold color will get you closer to the look than the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome kit.

Rose Gold Sally Hansen Salon Chrome

I hope you guys find this review helpful! And I’m still on the hunt for a  pretty rose gold nail polish, let me know if you have any suggestions!


God Bless These Twenty Somethings


I just recently celebrated the 2nd anniversary of my 25th birthday (one day I’ll be able to say 27 and it will feel right but that day is not today lol) and I’ve been feeling so many different feelings, the most overwhelming of them all being gratitude.

26 has been one of the best years of my life thus far. The finish line of my law school journey is finally in sight, I received exciting employment opportunities, and my best friend asked me to be his wife. Although I’m incredibly proud of all of these things 26 has been so great because all the seeds I planted years ago for my future finally began to bloom.

I remember being in my early twenties and dreaming of the life I wanted to live; on the most basic level I knew I wanted to go to law school, I knew I wanted to live in a city (any city seemed better than my small hometown lol), I wanted healthy relationships in my life, and I wanted a husband (lol).  I created a vision board, a five year plan, and got to work  but prayer was the true key to my success. I prayed on those dreams. I asked the Lord to order my steps and to guide me to life HE wanted me to live. At 27 the dreams that I had for myself and the life that God intended for me seem closer than ever before and I am beyond grateful.

As 2017 is coming to a close what goals or dreams do you hope to acomplish? What things are you proud to have accomplished? What do you consider to be the key to your success?? Let me know below!