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October 2017

    Top 5 Engagement Picture Tips



    Last month, my fiancé and I finally got around to talking our engagement pictures and they turned out so beautify. Today, I’m so excited to share my pictures and my Top 5 Engagement Picture Tips! The day we took engagement pictures was crazy. I scheduled our pictures in the summer way before I finalized my fall semester law school schedule. A few weeks before our shoot I realized I class right before we planned to take pictures. I wouldn’t have much time to get ready. So I decided to skip the class (don’t judge me, we’ve skipped 1 class or 2 lol). Then, the week before our shoot I found out I would have to give a speech in class. So, skipping class was no longer an option. And, It was too late in the game to reschedule the shoot. I had to choice but get it all done.  Read more