4 Lessons I Learned In Law School

It’s official, I’m finally a law school graduate! Last month I walked across the stage and a journey I’ve been on for 3 years finally came to an end. I learned a lot about the law over the last few years, and I learned some important life lessons along the way. Below are 4 lessons I learned in law school.

Law School Graduate

“No man is an island.” My dad use to say that all the time; I hated to hear it but it’s true. No man is an island and there are few things we can get through in life without the help of others. I got better exam grades when I studied with classmates. I understood my classes  better when I wasn’t afraid to ask my teachers questions. And I was an all around better person when I leaned on my friends and family for support. No man is an island and I couldn’t have gotten through law school alone.

Grades aren’t everything. I was one of those people who bought into the idea that if you didn’t graduate in the top 10% from a top 10 ranked law school you would never get a job. (Yes, I really truly believed this lol). If it wasn’t for the countless people with grades far better than mine who can’t find jobs, I’d probably still believe this is true. Don’t get me wrong grades are important, but work experience, work ethic, personal skills matter too. So study hard enough for you to land interviews but make sure you have the other skills to get the job.

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Work life balance is important. Work life balance is like a dirty word in some professions, and the legal field is one of them. I understand the necessity of working hard however, at some point you have to take a break. For me this blog has offered me the most perfect vehicle to take occasional (and well deserved) break from professional career and I’m always on the hunt for other ways to enjoy my free time. When I look back at my life I want to be able to say I worked hard and also enjoyed the things I worked so hard for. I know that second part requires some conscious effort.

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“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Before I even started law school prayed that if I began this journey, God would allow me to graduate on time with a job. I can’t lie, law school had it’s up and downs. There were classes that I did amazing in and a few in which I didn’t do so great. There were interviews that I bombed in addition to interviews that lead to amazing legal internships. In the really great moments and the not so great moments I continued to pray that I would graduate on time with a job. I’m happy to say that I did. God will change your situation, your story, and even change your name. Today I’m so proud and incredibly blessed that I can finally add “J.D.” to my name.

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