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It is engagement season! The time of the year when guys are popping the question to their girls. And girls are also popping the question to their girls. When I got married I didn’t do a bridesmaid proposal. But since my wedding day, (you can read all about it here) I’ve received bridesmaid proposal gifts from my girlfriends. I think it’s such a sweet way to get your girls excited for your big day.
A bridesmaid proposal may be one gift or a box of multiple gifts and this list has all the options. I included bridesmaid proposal gifts in all different price ranges because planning a wedding is expensive and I think you should save money where you can. As always, this post does contain affiliate links. Clicking on the links will not cost you any money. But, I may receive a small commission which helps me keep my site running.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts Under $10

1. Candy: Candy is a cheap addition to a bridesmaid proposal box and can be found anywhere. Sugarfina is my all time favorite candy shop and they make gorgeous candy including these Champagne Bubbles for as low as $3 a packet.
2. Card: I think every bridesmaid proposal should include a card. Etsy has a ton of inexpensive cards that are perfect for the occasion. FireFirePaperStudio has a ton of cards that are cute and straight to the point. I also loving these Illustrated Bridesmaid Proposal Cards.
3. Candle: I love these Soy Candles because every aspect can be personalized. After you choose the color and font you can even select a scent your girls will love.
4. Champagne: I think a mini bottle of Champagne is a cute way for you to Pop the Question to your girls. Etsy, has Mini Champagne Labels that can be customized with any message.
5. Pin: I stumbled upon this Pin in my search and it was too cute to leave off my list. The simple pin can be used to accessorize jeans jackets or bridesmaid sashes on your bachlorette trip.
6. Knot Bracelet: Continuing the tying the knot theme are knot bracelets. Etsy has a ton of options but I’m loving these Knot Bracelets because of the sweet initial charm.
7. Nail Polish: You can really get any kind of nail polish to include in your bridesmaid proposal but I’m featuring OPI because they have so many bridal themed nail polishes (you can find a list of them all here). Baby Take a Vow?  Engage-meant To Be? Ring Bare-er? I can’t.
8. Chapstick : EOS just released tinted lip balms in 6 different colors and they make a cute cheap gift. If tinted lip balm isn’t your thing you can find the original scents and colors here.
9. Wine Glass: Custom Wine Glasses are all over Etsy, these Etched Wine Glasses are my favorite.
10.  Hair Tie: These Tie the Knot Hair Ties inexpensive addition to any bridesmaid proposal box that your girls will actually use.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts Under $20

1Initial Necklace: This Initial Necklace comes in silver, gold, and rose gold and can be personalized with your bridesmaid’s first initial. It’s a high quality classic piece of jewelry that your bridesmaid will definitely wear.
2. Ring Dish: Etsy has a TON of ring dishes under $20. I adoreee these Personalized Ring Dishes because of their beautiful font If you’re not a fan of the rose gold you can find the same dish with gold, silver and black fonts here.
3. Coasters: You can find a ton of coasters online but these these Gold Trim Agate Coasters are stunning. By two or a few, your bridesmaid is sure to love them. And if you’re like me and love all things personalized, you can find a personalized version here
4. Wine Bag: If you’re looking for a simple gift, this Wine Bag paired with your BFF’s favorite bottle of wine is one that she’s sure to love.
5. Macaroons: Can you tell I love edible gifts? These Dana’s Bakery Macaroons are no exception. They come with a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” message making them the perfect option for a stand alone gift.
6.  Lip Kit : Lately, LANEIGE products have been my go to gifts. They look beautiful and work well. The Lip Sleeping Maskor Lip Balm makes a great gift for your beauty loving friends.
7. Cosmetics Bag :A cosmetics bag also makes a great gift for your beauty lover friends. Personalize with their initials or their name, this Etsy shop has a ton of different options.
8. Tumbler: There are a lot of bridesmaid branded tumblers on the market but these Kate Spade Tumblers take the cake. The Pink Bridesmaid Tumblr that says “you’re the Hocus to my Pocus” is my absolute fav.
9.  Key Chain: I’m kind of obsessed with these Customized Key Chains. They’re a unique gift that would make a cool inclusion in your bridesmaid proposal. They come in a ton of different colors and you can have them customized with your bridesmaids names, initials, a wedding hashtag, or even your wedding date.
10. Bottle Stopper: This Initial Bottle Stopper is my final gift under $20. Paired with a nice bottle of champagne or wine (you know I love Riesling) it makes an a simple inexpensive gift.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts $20 and Up

1.  Bracelet: I bought my best friend this Heart of Gold Braceleta few years ago for her birthday. It’s a timeless piece of jewelry with such a sweet message.
2. Sleep Mask: Slip makes luxurious products and this Bridesmaid Sleep Mask is no exception. They also have beautiful matching Silk Scrunchies. If you’re on the hunt for a cheaper Sleep Mask Etsy has a ton, I love these Custom Sleep Masks
3. Candle: This Capri Blue Candle is my favorite candle of all time. It has hints of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and it HONESTLY smells magical. You can find it in Mini and Colossal versions hereand here.
4. Sugarfina Bento Box : Sugarfina already made my list once but I’m bringing it back again because this Bridesmaid Bento Box is perfect for a bridesmaid proposal.
5. Pinch Provision Kit : Pinch makes a ton of “mini emergency kits” and made a few especially for bridesmaids. This one is my favorite. It’s filled with Band aids, safety pins, double sided tape, and a bunch of other items your girls may need on your special day.
6. Earrings: Kate Spade makes a ton of stunning statement earrings that can be worn by your bridesmaid on the wedding day. I’m loving these Classic Crystal Stud Earringsand also think these Glitter Stud Earringsare a fun option.
7. Travel Jewelry Box: These Travel Jewelry Cases come in 14 different colors making them a perfect gift for your bridesmaids. Mark and Graham also makes a smaller less expensive travel case which you can find here.
8. Mimosa Cubes: These Mimosa Cubes are probably the most unique gift on my list. Drop one cube in a glass of champagne and you’ll have a mimosa or bellini in less than a minute.
9. Flower: Venus Et Fleur makes gorgeous flower arrangements that last an entire year. Le Mini is a gorgeous gift that your girls are sure to cherish.
10. Face Oil: Diptyque is mostly known for their amazing Candles but I chose their Infused Face Oil for my list. It’s infused with white iris extract and rose petals and is one of their best sellers.
After you’ve selected gifts for you girls the last thing you have to do is wrap them up. Etsy has gift boxes and gift bags that are perfect for the occasion. I recommend these boxes and these bags because they look great and won’t break the bank. If you found this post helpful and would love to see more wedding related content, let me know below!

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