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    Why I’m Setting Goals This Year


    Its been a while. Way longer than it should have been. I took a (necessary) break to study for the bar exam which, turned into a break to finish planning our wedding (you can find out traditional wedding recap here), which evolved into a break to settle in to my first big girl job. Now it’s the end of September ( I swear it was jut May!!) and I’m fresh out of excuses.

    I’m going to be honest, life is real good, it’s so good that I got complacent. I stopped thinking about the next thing on my to do list and just enjoyed the ride. Although I always want to enjoy the life I’ve been blessed with, I also want to keep working towards bigger and better things. I’ve realized the best way to stay accountable is by setting goals.

    I’ve never been a new years resolution type of girl but in the aftermath of my 28th birthday, I’m choosing to set goals in my personal and professional life. Specifically, I choose 2 goals in 6 categories (spirituality, professional, business, financial, fitness, marriage) that I will be working towards this year. Although, they’re a little bit personal for me to share on the internet I did write them down to keep myself accountable.

    I’d love to know if any of you set goals. If so, how do you keep yourself accountable? Let me know below!

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