Looking back at 2018

2018 was a very, very, very busy year for your girl.

  • I attended law school full time.
  • I worked part time.
  • I blogged whenever I had the time…
  • I planned an amazing bachelorette trip to Vegas with my girls.
  • I planned an even better Wedding
  • I (finally) graduated law school!
  • Took and PASSED the bar!!
  • Traveled to Paris (it was a dream)
  • Traveled to Dubai (I’m already dying to go back)
  • And finally started practicing law (I’m a LAWYER lawyer!)

I’m not going to lie, balancing everything was difficult. And, I didn’t always balance everything well. Looking back at my year here are the 3 things I did well and 3 things I didn’t do so well.

3 Things I Didn’t Do So Well:

  1. Budget My Money. I was lucky enough to not have to work during the bar. But not having a paycheck was HARD. If I created a budget for each month, I could have managed the little money had much better.
  2. Balance My Blogging. I wanted 2018 to be the year that my blog really took off.  With some extra planning it could have been. I set aside Sunday’s as my day to blog. But, when my schedule got super busy blogging became the first thing that fell off my to do list. By planning my posts ahead, I could have avoided gaps in my blogging. But I took a well needed break at the end of 2018 but, I have a lot great content planned and I’m glad to be back blogging!
  3. Take Time Out For Me. I had a lot on my plate and it’s hard to imagine how I could have made time for. However, taking time out for me is something I should have done more in 2018. Whether it’s an at home spa day, reading a book, or watching my favorite show personal time is so important. Looking towards the new year self care is one of my priorities.

3 Things I Did Well:

  1. Me and My Husband Planned Our Year in Advance. In 2017 we sat down and wrote down everything we had to do, and the month we planned to do it in. Our wedding tasks, travel plans, even birthdays went on that list. We didn’t always stick to the schedule but we were pretty damn close. I’m so thankful that took out the time to plan our year because it kept us on track.
  2. I Stayed Focused. I’m working on a post about what I did to pass the bar, but going into 2018 I knew passing the bar was thee most important thing I had to do . Even though it would have been nice to have an income while studying, I decided to eliminate the distraction of work. And I’m proud of my self for putting wedding planning on the back burner in the final weeks of studying. One of the reasons why I passed the bar is because I put in the work, the other reason why I passed is because I stayed focused and eliminated all potential distractions. 
  3. I Did Everything I Said I Would. That list above, of all the things I did this year was once a to do list. Entering 2018 I had a very very long list of things to do and I’m most proud of the fact that I got it all done. 

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