A New Year’s Resolution Alternative

It’s a new year and if you’re anything like me you are hesitant to make a traditional New Year’s resolution. In years past I’d make them, forget about them, and never come close to achieving them. This year I’m trying something different. Instead of making a traditional New Year’s resolution, I’m selecting a New Year’s Resolution alternative. 

New Years Eve Celebration

Last week I sat down and selected a few words that represent things that I value or I want more of in my life. Then I wrote down 2 or 3 things I could do to generate more of that word in my life. For example, if I picked the word fellowship, that may mean I’m seeking more or deeper connections with family and friends. I might write down “incorporate regular date nights” and “reconnect with old friends” as the 2 thing I can do to have more fellowship in the new year.

You can choose one word or several words for your new year. This year I chose 5 words. 3 of the words 5 I’d been thinking about since December. The other 2 just spilled out of me when I was writing my words down in January.

My words for 2020 are; peace, health, spirituality, wealth, and consistency. I do have some specific goals attached to these words, but on a more general level I hope to incorporated more of each in every facet of my life.

New Year's Decorations

For the word health, I have challenged myself to make healthier selections when it comes to what I consume and to stay up to date with my health appointments. (When I was in law school, basically didn’t go to the doctor for 3 years! No bueno!) By the end of the year I hope that these two things will lead to a “healthier” me. I think this New Year’s Resolution alternative is more realistic than traditional resolution to lose 10 pounds or go to the gym every day.

I’m interested to hear what you think! Do you make any type of New Year’s resolutions? Are there any New Year’s Resolution alternatives that work for you? Let me know below!

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