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    3 Things I Learned During My 30 Day Social Media Detox

    Hi! It’s been a while, I know. I had to take a step back from everything I had going to prepare for my fall semester final exams and to do so I decided to take a little break from social media. But, what began as a social media break evolved into a 30 day social media detox.

    For me, social media had become a major distraction massive source of FOMO. Although I needed to be focusing on my finals and I told myself I was the reality is I wasn’t. I would turn off my phone for an hour or two and then take a social media filled “study break” that would last for an hour or two as well lol. I realized I wasn’t getting my work done so, I got rid of my main distractions. Instagram, snapchat, facebook, twitter, and even wordpress.

    Because of my detox I was able to get through my finals, I got the highest grades I’ve ever gotten in law school (!!!) and I learned these 3 things along the way.

    1. I can and will find other ways to waste my time. I’d love to tell you that without social media I was 100% productive 100% of the time but that didn’t happen. Instagram was replaced by pinterest, snapchat with youtube, and twitter with random online wedding chat rooms (wedding planning is an illness ya’ll). Although social media was a major source of distraction, deleting social media was not the cure all for my productivity problems.
    2. Social media can be a source of negativity. There are a lot of things that have been really hard about law school but one of the things I would have never expected is how hard it is to watch everyone living their best life while I’m stuck at the library for weeks at a time. Twitter, instagram, and even blogs give all of us easy access into what’s going on in other peoples lives and it can get overwhelming. Envy, self consciousness, jealousy were all characteristic I’ve felt while using social media. I realized it’s important to admit to myself when I’m feeling those feelings, admit that social media may be the cause, and to step away when it gets to be too much.
    3. I didn’t miss social media as much as I thought it would. If you ask my fiancé he would tell you that I am a social media addict. I do spend far more time on social media then him (and probably most people lol), but I wasn’t fiending to get back on it. My detox ended while we were celebrating my fiancé’s 30th birthday in LA. When we arrived I was a little bummed I couldn’t snap or instagram some of the cool things we were doing but, after a few days I forgot about it. My 30 day detox allowed me to prove to myself that without social media, life goes on.

    I’m so glad I took a well needed break from social media but I’m back and so excited to resume blogging!

    I’m so interested to know if any of my fellow bloggers would ever consider taking a social media break. When you’re trying to build a brand or any sort of presence on the internet it can be a little hard to step away from it all. Let me know below!

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