5 tips for working during school

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It’s typically not recommended (and sometimes not permitted) for law students to work during their first year of law school however, working during the second and third year can be advantageous. Working during law school can be a great resume booster, can help develop practical legal skills, and is an easy way to establish relationships […]

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should you take a gap year before grad school

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One thing that I’m commonly asked by friends and acquaintances considering law school is if their time before law school would be best spent perusing a graduate degree or working. I did both. During my final year of undergrad I was debating between a career in academia or a career in the legal field so I […]

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so I took a little blogging break…

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I had to take a step back and reflect on what I wanted my blog to reflect and more importantly what I wanted to get out of blogging. I’ve revamped my site, changed the name, changed my direction a little, and I’m really excited for this fresh start! While I was gone…

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