Taping an Episode of Say Yes to the Dress


For those of you who’ve followed my blog, you’ll know how how long and hard I searched for my dream wedding dress. I ultimately found my dream gown at Kleinfeld Bridal. Today I’ll be talking about my experience taping an episode of Say Yes to the Dress.

I applied for Say Yes to the Dress sometime in the fall when I should have been on my way to class lol. I was in the midst of a self imposed wedding dress shopping break after having tried on far too many dresses and still not having found the one (I wrote all about that struggle here.) I visited the Kleinfeld Bridal website frequently because it is one of the few websites that have pictures and prices of the of wedding dresses. On one visit to the Kleinfeld website I saw a link for Say Yes to the Dress applications and thought, why not?



The application itself took quite a while to complete and required me to explain how I met my fiance, describe who I would bring to my appointment, and describe what kind of dress I was looking for amongst, other things. 

A short while after submitting my application I got a call from a casting agent for Say Yes to the Dress. I had one phone interview followed by one Facetime interview before I got a call that I had been selected.

During my interviews I was asked many of the same questions that were on my original application (describe my fiance, bridesmaids, wedding, dream wedding dress). The interviews were really an opportunity for the show producers to get a feel for my personality and see my face (fun fact, I was looking completely crazy on the day that I did my Factime interview because I did not plan accordingly and do my hair and makeup before the call lol). The casting agent also interviewed one of my best friends who I planned on bringing to my Kleinfeld appointment.

The next month my mama, my best friends, and I were on our way to New York for my Kleinfeld bridal appointment! I flew in the night before so I could be rested and ready for my early morning appointment. I filmed for 6 hours total, 2 hours of which I spent doing individual interviews. Although Kleinfeld has the largest wedding dress inventory in the world I was a little surprised at how many dresses I actually had the time to try on (I wrote about it here). It take so long for them to set up the cameras, adjust your microphone, and prep each scene. Although I thought I would have the full 6 hours to try on dresses, there’s really not enough time.



I was super excited for the opportunity to go to Kleinfeld Bridal and find my perfect wedding dress. Filming an episode of Say Yes to the Dress made my experience even more magical. Although my episode may never air, I had the experience of a lifetime! 

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