The Ultimate Guide to Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags have been my go to style for years. I’m the kind of person who misplaced things easily (keys, lipgloss, you name it) so I like to travel light. Crossbody bags are cute, compact, and help me keep track of my essentials. This crossbody bag guide contains iconic crossbody bags as well as their more affordable dupes. Most of these bags come in a variety of different colors, fabrics, and sizes so be sure to click though my links and look around. Please note, this post does contain affiliate links. Clicking on my links will not cost you any money but I may receive a small commission when you do.


1. 30 Montaigne ($3,550): Named after Dior’s iconic address in Paris the 30 Montaigne is one of Dior’s newest bags. I think it’s sophisticated structure makes it the perfect pick for someone looking for a bag that will easily transition from casual to formal events.

2. Boy Bag ($5,000): I’d settle for any kind of Chanel bag but the Chanel Boy Bag is my dream. It’s $5,000+ price tag makes it the most expensive bag on my list. It also means I’ll be waiting a while to get my own.

3.Diorama ($3,600): The next bag on my wish list is the Diorama. It comes in countless shapes, sizes, and finishes making it a great bag for someone on the hunt for a specific look.

4. Vicky Small ($1,990): The Vicky Small is a compact crossbody with a unique shape. It comes in velvet, patent, and traditional leather allowing you to pick a finish that works best for your lifestyle.

5. Toy LouLou ($1,190): Toy LouLou is the “it” bag right now. My favorite thing about this bag is that it has a removable strap makes it possible to wear it as a crossbody, clutch or wristlet.

6. Soho Leather Disco Bag ($1190): Out of all of the bags on this list the Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag is a piece worth investing in. It’s spacious and perfect for every day wear. I think it’s also worth mentioning that YSL makes a very similar bag (the Lou Camera Bag for about $100 less).


1. Hutton Shoulder Bag ($395): The Hutton Shoulder Bag is my favorite Coach bag on this list. It’s chick, sleek, and super timeless.

2. Love Crossbody ($295): Rebecca Minkoff makes a ton of great crossbody bags. I picked the Love Crossbody for this list because It’s my favorite. It’s durable, spacious and is great dupe for the Chanel Body Bag.

3. Edie Crossbody ($228): The Edie Crossbody gives you the same look as the LouLou Toy bag for less! It’s best feature is the pull through strap which allows the bag to be worn multiple ways.

4. Camera Bag ($250): Although it appears to be a pretty simple bag the Coach Camera Bag can be customized. Pick digital prints, souvenir pins, or Coach’s iconic tea roses and you can create a bag that is uniquely you.

5. Perry Bombé Mini Bag ($248): This tiny crossbody bag is perfect for travel. One of it’s best features is the fact that Perry Bombé Mini Bag comes in every color under the sun (including matte ones!).

6. Hutton Belt Bag ($325): This bag is technically a belt bag but comes with a detachable chain strap which allows you to convert it into a crossbody. Although the Hutton Belt Bag is the smallest bag on this list (it’s smaller than the Vicky Small), it has credit card slots and space for your essentials.

I hope you found this Crossbody bag Guide helpful! Let me know which bag you love the most in my comments below!

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